Millennials in the Workplace – How To Get The Best Out Of Your Millennial Employees?

You’ve hired Millennials. Now how can you keep them around? There is a current stereotype that millennial employees are too entitled, not loyal enough, no work ethic, only interested in themselves and so on so forth. However, things aren’t always what they seem with Millennial employees. To better understand who your Millennial employees are and […]

Tips to Improve Your Working Relationships

The office used to be a place where you would come, put in your eight hours, and go home to those who loved you. Work wasn’t a place where you expected friendships or significant connections. However, things have changed. There has been a shift within the workforce toward wanting meaningful work. Meaningful work can encompass […]

7 Signs to Know If The Career Is Right For You

Let’s face it, figuring out what you want to do with your life can be quite stressful. For many millennials, the single most important factor in the workplace is finding work that is purposeful. Though the search for purpose is front and centre, it can also be the thing that is most elusive. In a […]

How to know if a candidate is a perfect fit for your company?

The job interview is a large part of any company’s hiring process—more than simply conveying the experiences and skills that candidates have (which can already be gleaned from their resume), it allows employers to gauge whether the candidate will be a good fit for the organisation. Here are some ways to know if your potential […]

How to clinch a job without related work field experience?

The job application process can be long, arduous and tiring even for the best of us. However, it can become overwhelmingly daunting especially when you want to apply for a job that doesn’t fit the internship or work experiences you’ve had thus far. Fret not—the key is to make sure that your resume or cover […]

Business Etiquettes: Do’s and Don’ts In A Client Meeting

The idea of business meetings can elicit a deep groan from most people. However, though they have the reputation of being long and boring, business meetings can help facilitate networking, connections, and brings different stakeholders together to work on a common goal. That’s why good meeting etiquette is so important in order to leave a […]

How to use Linkedin to find a job

LinkedIn purports to be the world’s largest professional network. The numbers substantiate that, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to argue the fact. However, what many professionals tend to overlook is that LinkedIn is far more than a platform on which to flaunt your latest promotion publicly – or to stalk your boss’s […]

What not to include in your resume

What Not to Include in Your Resume It sounds like an obvious question, but the answers to it are surprisingly varied—what shouldn’tyou include in your resume? Ask 10 different people this and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Here’s our take on what are some of the things you really shouldn’t put in your resume. […]