People Profilers offers an all-inclusive recruitment service for organisations.

Our dedicated consultants understand the value of profiling the Right Person for the Right Profession and adapt a dynamic systematic approach to build a long lasting relationship with you.

Contingency Recruitment

People Profilers prioritises providing holistic HR support for our clients. With our extensive history as recruitment company in Vietnam providing top notch recruitment services, People Profilers is well equipped to make your organisation’s hiring process simpler, yet more effective, and in doing so, ease the burden such concerns can place on a business. Our agency is adept at fulfilling general job placements from junior roles to mid-level executives and managers.

Contract & Temporary Staffing

People Profilers is committed to providing HR and staffing solutions to our clients, no matter the field.  As a one-stop service provider in this field of employment, our Agency can provide temporary or contract staffs in the shortest possible time.  We will manage all the necessary administration such as payroll, insurance, and compensation, to give you a peace of mind. Our commitment to service ensures that we can solve your contract and temporary staffing queries and offer you peace of mind.

Executive Headhunting

Here at People Profilers, we understand the great impact that an effective executive can make on an organization. As such, we have an established team trained specifically as top headhunters; focusing on the multitude of aspects that are necessary for evaluating individuals qualified for such roles. Aside from evaluation, we are a prestigious recruitment company in Vietnam that also have a wide network of exemplary candidates that allow us to provide a fully integrated sourcing solution. This, combined with our personality reviews and thorough background screening, ensures that we are able to recommend candidates that are not only qualified for the position, but also fit seamlessly into the hiring company’s value set.

Employment & Work Pass Application

People Profilers is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower as an appointed employment agency to assist our clients in the application for Work Passes.  We are able to assist and advise you on the application or renewal processes as well as the type of Work Passes to apply for your foreign employees.  We will ensure that the application is smooth and without unnecessary disruptions or delays, so that the foreign talent can join your organisation in the shortest time possible.

Our Approach

Our Recruitment Agency is extremely thorough in our processes and focuses on the specific needs of your organisation and your industry.

Once we have identified the required traits of the candidates, we endeavour to source for you using our considerable resources the best talent not just in Singapore, but through our extensive worldwide network. For us, no step is too far to ensure the perfect fit. We conduct rigorous screening and profiling to ensure the right talent is matched with the right role, including personal interviews by our consultants, personality tests, and a personalised range of profiling tools.

After People Profilers have identified and compiled a shortlist of the best fit talent for your organisation, their profile and portfolio is then submitted for your perusal – coupled with the expert advice from our consultants on which candidate is best suited to serve your needs.

Of course, our belief in building bonds with our clients means the relationship doesn’t end there.

Our consultants will be there for you on every step of the way, and we actively encourage organisations to give us feedback on the hires they’ve made, so we can become better at what we do!