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Every core business is different

People Profilers’ human resource solutions are completely customised to address your company’s industry specific HR requirements. Our track record speaks for itself – and our HR and recruiting solutions have been applied to a wide range of clients across the following industries:

is different

Aerospace & Aviation

Singapore is particularly well-equipped to capture the demand for aviation-related services.


With over 100 aerospace companies operating within its boundaries, Singapore has garnered a quarter of the Asian Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) market.


Aside from the MRO market, Singapore is also seeing a growing number of aerospace design and manufacturing operations.


Thus, having a sizeable pool of skilled, well-trained and experienced personnel is a crucial part of the value chain.


People Profilers partners closely with some of the largest and most innovative players in the aerospace and aviation industries across a range of subsectors like Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), aerospace manufacturing, research and development/training, and aviation electronics.


Being one of the top headhunters in Singapore, People Profilers has a well-established aerospace & aviation team consisting of highly skilled and experienced recruitment consultants.


We have all the major industry verticals covered, ensuring we offer our clients a holistic recruitment service.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry has been a key one for People Profilers since 2006.


We provide holistic recruitment support across all levels of the industry.


Over the years, we have established a strong network of bio-engineering and science candidates, and our clientele stretches from R&D institutions to major pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers.


These include specialisations in research and development, drug and gene, medical devices and equipment, and diagnostics.


People Profilers understand the unique challenges in the recruitment of specialists in this highly technical industry, which is why our consultants are clued in to the rapid market updates and the subsequent changing needs of our clients.


With dedicated search processes and our extensive network, we are equipped to add value and source for the right talents in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

FMCG & Retail

People Profilers understand that the FMCG and retail industry differs greatly from the majority of the other industries we specialise in.


Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) are products that are sold quickly and at relatively low costs.


FMCGs have a short shelf life and a small profit margin but high volumes. People Profilers has a team of committed and efficient retail recruiters supplying contract, part-time, temporary and full-time retail personnel to FMCG and retail organisations.


Our consultative approach is one in which we partner closely with our clients to support them in every step of their journey to overall profitability and human resource planning.


We understand that there is always a need for human capital solutions and it is imperative that these positions are filled with haste.


People Profilers provide talented individuals for roles such as store managers, fashion advisors, merchandisers, brand executives and retail operations managers amongst others to cope with events, projects, peak season sales, and to help control costs during downtime periods.

Logistics & Transportation

People Profilers has an illustrious history of providing human capital solutions in the logistics and transportation industry.


Our clients are world leaders in their field, specializing in international freight forwarding, supply chain management, transportation and logistics.


We cater mostly to third party logistics like freight forwarders, courier companies and other companies integrating & offering subcontracted logistics and transportation services.


These companies typically specialise in integrated operations, warehousing, and transportation services which can be scaled and customized to a customer’s needs based on market conditions and the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials.


As a leading recruitment agency in the logistics industry, People Profilers understands the sizeable manpower requirements needed by our clients in this industry.


Thus, our consultants play an important role assisting our clients in specialised recruitment for areas in supply chain management, logistics and freight forwarding.

Oil & Gas

People Profilers has built and maintained close relationships with many major oil & gas players in the market.


We have successfully placed enthusiastic oil & gas professionals of all levels into the relevant fields.


Some of our successful placements in the oil & gas industry include sales manager, project manager/engineers, process engineers, instrumentation engineers, control engineers, and EHS engineers/managers.


Our team of specialist consultants in the oil & gas sector provides human capital solutions to all 3 tiers in the industry, from upstream, midstream to downstream.


People Profilers has a wide sphere of clients within the automotive industry spanning automobile companies, automotive component manufacturers , and electronics management systems businesses.


Our specialist consultants are veterans in the automotive recruitment, possessing the requisite commercial market knowledge to utilise innovative methodologies in supporting our clients in their recruiting needs.


Our portfolio of work in the industry portfolio covers the back-end of the manufacturing line for automobiles, their components and parts, the electronics management systems, and even repair & maintenance service providers.


Our specialists know what’s going on in every breadth of the automotive industry, and present an optimal selection of profiles from the various sectors of the industry.


We believe that the key to a successful business relationship in this industry is a mutual understanding of the available talent and expectations from both ends of the recruitment cycle – and we pride ourselves on our communication with our clients.


People Profilers has built long-lasting relationships with many major MNCs in the chemical industry by continually supplying these clients with talented technical professionals that meet and surpass their requirements.


Some of the successful placements we have fulfilled in the chemical industry are positions relating to plant maintenance, chemical processes and production, and EHS.


The People Profilers team of chemical specialists are experts in this industry and have a good working knowledge of the technical aspects in the chemical field.


We specialise in sourcing for talent in speciality chemicals, functional polymeric materials, basic chemicals and petrochemicals.


Like many first world countries, Singapore’s healthcare system has become increasingly specialised.


While this has improved care delivery within the respective specialty domains, People Profilers is well aware that the focus and challenges lie in helping our clients to search for the right skilled talents in providing healthcare and medical services for our aging population.


We cover recruitment and specialist search for national hospitals, Singapore government restructured hospitals, specialists, private hospitals, medical clinics, as well as multinational corporations dealing with generic or brand medications and medical devices.


People Profilers’ team of professional consultants are dedicated to providing a full range of recruitment solutions including permanent placements, temporary staffing on contracts and payroll administration.


Our staff have successfully supported the recruitment needs of our healthcare clients from entry level all the way to senior management positions across medical, nursing, administration and ancillary divisions.


People Profilers has been heavily involved in the medical and healthcare recruiting sphere across Singapore over the years.


Armed with an extensive recruiting network and an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, we are capable of serving your every business needs.


With updated and fresh resumes deposited into our database regularly, People Profilers is ready to impress.

Marine & Offshore Engineering

People Profilers has significant and long-lasting partnerships with organisations in the marine & offshore engineering industry.


Singapore has 70% of the global market for both jack-up rigs and the conversion of Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) units.


It also has 20% of the shares in the world market for ship repairs.


This has led to several MNCs in this industry setting up offices and plants here in Singapore.


Over the years, People Profilers has developed and trained specialist consultants in this area, tapping the growth of the industry to support the needs of our clients in the marine & offshore engineering industry.


Our team of experienced recruiters have made successful placements in the areas of offshore support operations, offshore oil rig construction, shipbuilding, and ship-repair.

Real Estate & Property

People Profilers has worked and built promising relationships with a diverse group of real estate clients, including acclaimed property developers, international contractors and property consultancies.


Our real estate specialists adopt customized search methodologies to source and attract the right talents that perfectly meet our clients’ recruitment requirements.


Our real estate and property portfolio covers residential, industrial, commercial, integrated developments, hospitality businesses and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust).


People Profilers understands that real estate development and the property management market can be highly complex.


However, our experienced consultants comprehensively understand the real estate and property market and are able to provide expert recruitment advice and support to our valued clients for the purpose of establishing meaningful long-term working relationships with them.


Our specialized consultants support the real estate & property industry across a range of subsectors which includes real estate development & project management, property & estate management, consultancy services, fund & asset management, and REITs.

Banking & Financial Services

Our team has an expansive and deep network in the banking & financial services industry with in-depth knowledge of the industry and jobs across Front/Middle/Back Office for roles from junior to MD and C-Level.


We have the expertise to deliver a high level of recruitment services to our clients for Contingency Search, Retained Search, RPO (on-site/off-site) and Contract Jobs.

Our coverage includes:


• Private Banking

• Private Wealth Management (EAMs, Family Offices, Wealth Managers)

• Private Client & Priority Banking

• Consumer Banking

• Corporate Banking

• Investment Banking and Private Equity

• Asset Management

• Securities Brokerage

• Insurance (HNW Insurance Brokers, IFAs, Tied Agencies, General Insurance Firms)

Construction & Civil Engineering

People Profilers has considerable experience providing construction recruitment services to commercial and industrial contractors.


Our construction clients include government agencies, small and medium private enterprises, as well as multinational corporations who are main or sub contractors, architectural companies, construction raw materials suppliers, and equipment manufacturers.


Our construction recruiters have gained significant experience and expertise for a wide range of civil engineering projects of differing scales and complexities over the years.


We have built a construction job force with a wide variety of trades and positions.


These include areas of architecture, civil engineering, project management, quantity surveying, M&E, and EHS.


People Profilers is highly capable of offering the right human capital solutions to businesses in the construction and civil engineering industry and meeting their sourcing and hiring requirements.

IT & Telecommunication

In this era of cutting edge technological advancements and an increasingly digital society, People Profilers remains at the forefront of enabling our clients’ to stay on top of the latest digital trends and reach greater heights through the right human capital solutions.


With a proven track record of successful placements of IT & Telco professionals, People Profilers is well equipped to meet the high demands of this quickly expanding market.


Our IT & telecommunication portfolio covers organization from SMEs, statutory boards, and multinational corporations.


We assist our clients in providing specialized recruitment in the domains of project management & service delivery, business development & account management, system/network design & administration, enterprise systems analysis & integration, data centre/NOC management, and Voice (VOIP)/telephony.


Our team of consultants are industry leaders equipped with the training and expertise to understand emerging technologies and trends and the ability to offer our clients insight into the market and source the right talents for their roles.

Media & Publishing

Media and publishing industry is an expansive and highly competitive one.


Our specialist consultants in this field partner with organisations to identify strategic steps for manpower support and to find them innovative talents to implement solutions.


It is our knowledge of the unique trends and developments within this industry that make us peerless within recruitment circles.


People Profilers is dedicated to providing each and every client with a personalised service backed by our unrivalled expertise to ensure a successful outcome.


We understand that the success of media and publishing companies is largely dependent on product development, marketing expertise, and experienced leadership.


With the help of our media and publishing search team, our clients can maximise profitability by finding and retaining exceptional talents.


It’s a win/win situation for all of us. People Profilers’ rich database is matched only by our precision, experience, and systematic search and close processes.


Our unique methodology and team-based approach, combined with our insider knowledge of the ever-changing media and publishing landscape, ensures clients and placements return to us again and again for both open and confidential searches.


People Profilers provides engineering professionals for organisations, filling such roles from executives to senior management to the semiconductor fabrication processes such as wafer processing, die preparation, IC packaging, IC encapsulation and IC testing.


We are considered by many leading semiconductor companies to be the go-to human capital solutions provider due to our experience, expertise and understanding of the industry.


We have built strong and long-lasting relationships with our semiconductor clients ranging from front-end wafer fabrication foundries, fabless chip design businesses, back-end testing & assembly companies, subcon assembly houses, equipment & material solution providers, and component distributors.


People Profilers knows the semiconductor industry is extremely high-paced and is constantly undergoing rapid changes due to technology advancements.


Our dedicated consultants work tirelessly to stay on top of the latest market information and trends in order to provide a more informed consultation and support to our semiconductor partners.