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Georgez Lim


His portfolio of clients includes both MNCs and SMEs in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and FMCG industries, with a focus on middle to senior management roles.

He was previously an Assistant Account Servicing Manager for more than 4 years and also led a team of Consultants handling various roles in engineering, finance and general management.

Georgez has an easy-going personality, but his by the book approach to recruitment is far from flippant. Those working with him appreciate his dedication to procedure, and he’s the man to find when it comes to compliance. An assistant manager, Georgez has been with People Profilers for 4 years now.

Engineering, fast moving consumer goods, and retail are Georgez’s staples. Clients in these industries often struggle with balancing the need for specialised skillsets with an increasing demand for contract workers. The best candidates are also often poached. In this regard, Georgez believes that honesty is the best policy. He tells candidates truthfully what they can expect on the job, and he believes that in the long run, this reduces turnover rates and stress for hirer and candidate alike. It also builds a sense of trust and loyalty that make employees less likely to leave for seemingly greener pastures.

Georgez is meticulous in the follow up process. He engages clients fortnightly to check on the new employee’s progress. Of course, ever the lawful recruiter, Georgez also ensures in these follow ups that the recruitment cycle upon completion is compliant with legislation set out by the Ministry of Manpower. His clients are particularly grateful for this, as it saves them headache worrying about things other than their core businesses.

Georgez advises other recruiters, and indeed any member of the workforce, on the importance of integrity. Should a candidate’s profile not match the requirement specifications, Georgez believes that it is the right thing to do to inform them directly and empathetically, with a concise explanation, rather than dragging out the rejection. On the other end of the spectrum, shortlisted candidates appreciate being treated with respect and not being forcefully hustled into taking the job.