Our Brand Story

Since our humble beginnings in 2002, People Profilers has grown steadily into what it is today in the Singapore recruitment arena.

Our expertise is in providing human capital consultancy to our clients with universally sought-after recruitment skills and headhunting expertise in just about any sector.

This commitment to our clients has allowed People Profilers to leave an imprint across various industries and build a reputation of competency and expertise in Singapore.

What differentiates People Profilers from every other recruiter is our unwavering commitment to building relationships with our clients – understanding exactly what you need and matching you to precise services and talents.

We deliver human capital solutions optimised for organisations and their employees to succeed. Here at People Profilers, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop human capital solutions provider for your organisation. Our innovative and relationship-focused workforce solutions span across a wide range of industries. Our extensive recruitment experience includes the competitive industries of Aerospace, Automotive and Transport, Manufacturing, Media Printing & Advertising, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Chemical and Oil & Gas.

Our Core Values

Uphold Integrity and Honesty

Be Genuine and Sincere

Be Passionate and Stay Committed


At People Profilers, we are all about long-lasting relationships – between an employer and their talent, between you and us.


The intertwined P’s in our logo represent our goal here at People Profiles to bridge the gap between our passion for the two P’s, People and Professions, and match the right people to the right profession!


We seek to deliver 360-degree recruitment and human resource solutions to our clients. People Profilers is a one-stop agency aiming to help businesses achieve their competitive edge.

We hope to become the preferred talent management and headhunting agency for organisations in Singapore and throughout South-East Asia.


Our mission is to deliver the most efficient and effective recruitment and human resource solutions, cultivate long-term relationships and find the perfect employment opportunities for our talents.