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Eve Lee

Chief Consultant

Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Management from SIM University, Eve joined People Profilers in 2008 as a Consultant and has been one of our top performers since 2009.

Currently, Eve is managing 2 teams and works with some of the Fortune 100 multinational corporations in the world with a particular focus on corporate and senior management positions.

Prior to People Profilers, Eve had over a year of experience in another leading recruitment firm with coverage in Finance and HR specialization.

Eve is brisk and pragmatic. She wouldn’t dwell on anything that doesn’t provide tangible value to her clients, and it is this approach to her job that has seen her perform consistently beyond expectations in her 9 years with People Profilers. As a manager, Eve oversees two teams currently, gladly sharing and implementing her lean methodology with newer recruiters and staff.

Eve covers clients in real estate, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and educational industries, and works with several multinational fortune 500 companies. Her recruitment scope is currently focused primarily on corporate senior management positions. As would be expected for such placements, the key issue that many of her clients face is finding, and subsequently attracting, the top names and talent in the field. Eve understands that for senior management positions, it is equally important that the candidate is keen on the client, as much so as it is vice versa. To this end, Eve and her team go through their huge database to derive an assessment of client interests against that of the potential candidates. This approach is rooted in practicality as much as it is in experience, and it has served her well in achieving high rates of successful placements even in the face of the most challenging requirements.

Eve purports that client satisfaction is difficult, if not impossible, to attain unless one knows precisely what the client wants. While this may seem intuitive, it requires conscientious diligence on the recruiter’s part to plumb the depths of the client’s business and work culture. By doing this, Eve acts as not only a recruiter, but like an extended arm of the client’s own HR team.

Eve’s advice to others in the field would be to have a good understanding of the market trends and the many facets of the prospective employer’s profile. Regardless of one’s position, whether it be a recruiter, candidates, or employer, “knowledge is power”, says Eve.