Know our consultants – Victor Chong

You’d rarely come across someone more personable than Victor. His smile is infectious, but his happy go lucky appearance belies the seriousness with which he takes his work. In a similarly misleading vein is the comparatively short period of 3 years that Victor has spent as a senior consultant with People Profilers. With his street smarts and industry savviness, one would think that Victor has been doing this for decades.

Victor specialises in industries related to engineering, transportation, aerospace, and marine, oil, and gas. Due to the technical nature of the areas which Victor serves, his clients often struggle with finding candidates possessing the specific niche skillsets required. They also face issues with acquiring talent within the requisite timeframe. Ever the well-versed professional, Victor makes use of all the tools at his disposal, scouring platforms such as Monster, JobStreet, JobsDB, and various tools from LinkedIn to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no potential candidate is left unrealised.

Victor is adept at building chummy rapport with his clients. In doing so, he creates a less tense environment that coaxes clients to share feedback and concerns openly – all of which Victor jots down on his mental notebook. Together with always going the extra mile in requirements gathering, Victor closes every assignment with the client as equally jovial as he.

Victor feels that his job is certainly not one to take lightly. Its challenging, but he welcomes the challenge. It has its ups and downs, but Victor loves roller coasters. He ultimately feels that the satisfaction and rewards of being a recruitment consultant are well worth the troubles, and welcomes others who are considering similar career paths.

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