Know our consultants – Joyce Koh

It’s hard not to put your trust in Joyce. Her confidence and over 19 years of experience in recruitment speak for themselves. Joyce has been with People Profilers for over 11 years now, and as a Senior Manager, she provides invaluable guidance for greener consultants. Despite her position, her nurturing and warm mannerisms facilitate a door-always-open sort of environment for both team members and colleagues.

 Joyce has covered an extensive range of industries during her career, but currently her focus lies primarily with engineering and technology functions, especially in the semiconductor and energy sectors. Joyce is particularly well suited for this, having worked in the semiconductor industry herself before joining recruitment. Her technical experience and electrical engineering background serve her well when dealing with clients in the industry. To tackle her client’s concerns of finding suitable candidates at the right time, Joyce adopts a collaborative approach. She does preliminary research before conducting discussion with the client to share her findings and further fine tune the opening requirements. Leveraging her experience, she also shares with them possible reasons behind hiring difficulty, and works together with the client to develop a solution implementation plan.

Joyce ensures client satisfaction by going the extra mile with recommended candidates. She assists them personally with interview preparation, as well as helps them understand aspects of their potential employer such as culture and unspoken guidelines. In doing so, not only does Joyce help candidates put their best foot forward, but she helps candidates have smoother integration once they become employees; to the benefit of all parties involved.

If there’s one thing recruitment has taught Joyce, it’s that opportunities don’t always come around at the most opportune times. It’s also these untimely opportunities that potentially provide the most value. So, don’t let opportunities pass you by or you may live to regret it!

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