Why You Need To Consider Company Culture Fit When Hiring

What most people think company culture fit means is hiring people with a common educational or career background and those they think will get along with everybody else in the office. But this results in a big homogenous working environment where every employee thinks alike and problem-solves in the same way.


And this is often the reason why company culture fit is not emphasised when hiring in Singapore. After all, businesses here crave different perspectives to come up with innovative solutions and the benefit of different schools of thoughts to develop the interests of the company.


Thus, what company culture fit really means, is a sharing of the company’s mission and purpose, agreeing with the decision-making processes and protocols as well as the risk assessment methods of the organisation.


To Reach Your Business Goals


One of Netflix’s business goals is to make customers happy. So when they hire people, they look out for candidates who see the goal of their job as entertaining and satisfying someone close to them, like their mom.


Many businesses have a vision, a mission and a motto, but when you fail to make these explicit to job candidates, it can lead to a mis-hire that wastes time and resources.


For example, if you’re an employer looking to expand your business and try new things and you hire an employee who lacks the drive to challenge the status quo and be innovative, then you’re going to struggle to achieve your business goals and your employee might not stay long.


And if your new employee is looking to work for a company that shares their social values (community impact and environmental activism) but your organisation doesn’t actually do so, then they might become dissatisfied with their job and lack motivation to integrate with everyone.


So when you hire a new employee, don’t simply focus on the individual’s qualifications and skills but also consider if this candidate’s career focus coincides with your business goals and if they share the company’s values and mission.


To Thrive


The number of people who hate their jobs is rising instead of dropping—and it isn’t because they lack the opportunity to pursue their dream career! Rather, more and more people are unhappy with their jobs because they dislike their work environment, the way their company makes decisions and even disagree with the goals of their employers.


A common result of job dissatisfaction in the workplace is often high turnover and low productivity. After all, if your employees hate their job and aren’t happy going to work, they’re not going to be committed or effective members of your organisation.


And this is going to affect your business’s ability to thrive.


Fortunately, the issue of job satisfaction can be nipped in the bud at the hiring stage by considering company culture fit. By hiring candidates who share your values and goals, you’ll be able to ensure those you do hire will be enthusiastic about getting involved in moving the company forward.


As an employer, it is important to make the job expectations and company values clear—even if you’re urgently trying to hire someone for a position. After all, unless you’re looking for a temporary fix, you’ll want an employee to grow with you and the company!

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