Which collaboration platforms are the best for your teamwork needs?

Until the world returns to a time without social distancing and masks, it can be a head-scratching problem to improve your work team’s efficiency and productivity from home, with your temptingly comfy beds just around the corner and the refrigerator next door.

COVID-19 pandemic and consequential measures, including the Circuit Breaker and travel restrictions, has not only immensely impacted global economic activity but also our everyday life.

With hopefully low case reports, some of us have already begun going back to our offices while many are still working from home as companies around the world have to adapt to remote working strategies to avoid any spread of COVID-19.

Not only that, we all know that one person that needs a nudging towards deadlines.


This is where collaboration platforms can be just what your team needs. Here are the top 5 most popular platforms that will help you lighten your load.

When selecting the right platform, you shouldn’t:

  • Choose one that is easy to use.

Before purchasing a plan from any platform, try the free version to get a feel of whether you like its interface. Prioritise those with a lower learning curve.

  • Consider your budget.

Remember to read the fine print when you choose a plan as some plans are charged by the number of users in your team.


1. Asana

Asana is an excellent go-to collaboration platform for small teams. It has a simple interface that offers essential tools, allowing you to assign tasks and create shared calendars, all in one gorgeous package. You can view projects in your preferred view such as by tasks, lists or calendar, whichever works best for you!

Pricing: Free to US$24.99/user/month


2. Slack

Slack is another widely popular one-stop platform that allows all of your work conversations, file transfers and powerful message search to take place on the same platform. It has all the essential features that you’ll need to communicate with your team and the beauty of Slack is its ability to internally and externally organize projects on-the-go and limits the need for you to switch tabs or open new windows to plan your work.

Pricing: Free to US$12.50/user/month


3. Monday.com

Monday.com has a visually intuitive interface that allows your team to jump on board with ease. It enables you to customize your dashboard to your preferred workflow, allows easy integration to other online tools and lets you store your documents and files with your favorite storage tools.

Pricing: US$8 to US$16/user/month











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