Know Our Consultants – Gesse Tan

Gesse isn’t one to get flustered easily. Her calm and collected outlook enables her to handle high profile clients well, especially when dealing with large MNCs. With her indomitable spirit, Gesse has accepted ad overcome every challenge that has come her way in her past 4 years with People Profilers as an assistant manager.

 Gesse is currently serving multiple major players in information technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, and healthcare. Understandably, when competition is as stiff as it is at the top level, these clients of Gesse’s face major issues with attracting and recruiting the best talent. As we’ve come to expect of Gesse by now, she wouldn’t let herself get pressured by crushing time constraints. She’d find a temporary solution while she works on the problem at hand, which in some cases means providing temporary hires to meet operational necessities. Gesse can then devote energy to screening and preparing the applicants geared toward the full-time vacancy.

Gesse maintains a cordial yet profession rapport with clients post fulfilment, which allows her to gather information on her candidate, as well as maintain ties with the talent pool – if ever they need future referrals!

Gesse says that the secret to remaining on top of things is preparation. Thorough, and consistent preparation. Likewise, candidates would do themselves an immense favour by preparing comprehensively before interviews.

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