Know our consultants – Joanne Lim

Being labelled as a people pleaser may sometimes have negative connotations, but for Joanne, this is not the case. She has a real and undeniable desire to achieve what’s best for all parties involved, and make sure that everyone walks away from the placement feeling like a winner. 5 years into her role as a senior consultant with People Profilers, Joanne’s mission to please continues to gain traction and prove successful.

Joanne handles jobs related to manufacturing, chemicals, medical devices, oil & gas, and information technology. In her diversified portfolio, she frequently encounters common problems where clients have chronically vacant positions that just can’t seem to get filled, or clients having unrealistic budgets. On the former issue, Joanna tackles it as per her modus operandi – compromise. She advises clients of the negative repercussions of having a vacancy left unoccupied for prolonged periods of time. Often, she says, hiring a candidate with an 80% match and nurturing them proves significantly more beneficial than holding out for that perfect match. Compromise also comes into play for unrealistic budgets. Joanne’s unassuming manner and bright personality make it easy to convince clients to rethink their hiring budget. Of course, she comes backed up with a host of industry benchmarks for good measure!

Joanne’s quest to ensure client satisfaction means that she is perpetually on the lookout. Her great conscientiousness and meticulous work ethic have led to consistently happy clients.

Joanne feels that there is an important insight that many employers frequently overlook. While an employer may commonly entice prospects with pay and benefits, Joanne reports that what clients really look for is the long-term possibilities of the role. After all, even if the initial remuneration package is attractive, no one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job!

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