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Our solutions at a glance 

General Recruitment

Looking for general job placements for junior to mid-level executives and managers? Our general recruitment is designed to make your organisation’s hiring decisions easier and simpler. 

Our team of Consultants can support all your General Recruitment needs in the Asia Pacific region. We provide direct Recruitment support from our offices in Singapore and Vietnam, and work with our partners in China, Indonesia and Thailand. 

Our resources come from popular job portals, in-depth network and relationships with existing candidates, and a huge candidate database in our Applicant Tracking System. 

We promise a very quick turnaround time to provide you with quality resumes so that you are able to fulfill your roles in the shortest time possible. 

Our approach

We offer extremely thorough processes and focus on the specific needs of your organization and your industry.

Job Requistion

Receiving brief and understanding hiring requirements from client.

Candidates Sourcing

Our candidates are sourced through advertisements, internal & external database, social medias, referrals and networking.


Our consultants will filter candidates that did not meet minimum requirements. We will conduct interview and technical test to assess candidates suitability based on holistic assessement.

Clients Interview

Shortlisted candidates that best match the job requirements will be sent to client for further assessment.

Hiring Decision

A hiring decision is made. We will repeat the process should there be no one suitable.

Headhunting & Executive Search

Our Headhunting & Executive Search services consists of a team of experts in their specialized fields who can support the fulfilment of your Senior Management or niche roles.  

We endeavour to scour the world for talents who are suitable for appointment in these senior and managerial roles for your organization, through our extensive network we have built over the years, headhunting on social platforms, or from industry mapped databases. 

People Profilers understands the importance of these placements and conducts extensive research and mapping before presenting the perfect talent to you. 

What is Outplacement & Career Transition?

This is the support service provided by an employer to exiting staff to assist them in effectively and positively continuing their career journey. 

Whether due to market conditions, strategic downsizing, acquisition or merger there are times businesses unavoidably have to scale back on headcount and for those impacted by change that next step can be an anxious one. 

Benefits of Outplacement:

  1. Provides impacted employees professional guidance in transition 
  2. Maintains the motivation and dispels anxiety in those remaining staff 
  3. Protects your brand integrity and value in the marketplace 
  4. Can reduce the costs associated with headcount downsizing 

So what does Outplacement involve?

Whether it is a sole impacted individual or an entire business unit, People Profilers has outplacement solutions to support your impacted headcount as they transition in their careers.

From group ‘back to’ workshops, online career centres and unlimited Executive Coaching, People Profilers is able to provide a tailored solution to best suit your business and your employees through times of change and transition.

We are also able to provide consultation to your HR and leadership teams in the run up to a downsizing to ensure best practice is maintained and disruption to business productivity is minimized.

What can I expect from a People Profilers programme?

Our tailored one on one programmes provide each participant access to the online PP Career Centre, a career coach to guide them through their transition, CV and Interview workshops, as well as a dedicated recruiter to support them in the search for fresh opportunities and a wealth of assessments and learning tools that can be taken online.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Our Payroll Outsourcing services consist of the handling of all your employees’ payroll, checking timesheets, leaves and claims while ensuring full compliance with all local statutory obligations, company internal regulations and on-time completion of payroll cycles, including Payroll reports, SHUI Contributions, Personal Income Tax (PIT) and HR admin required and more.

In addition, our robust cloud-based payroll system allows employees to use the self-service portal to retrieve payslips, apply leaves, submit timesheets and claims with no difficulty at all.

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Our approach

We offer extremely thorough processes and focus on the specific needs of your organization
and your industry.

Initial Setup

Compiling all Employee Records in excel to import into our Cloud Payroll System

Leave & Claim

Ensure all leave and claim policies are properly setup in Cloud Payroll System,
with the corresponding Approving Supervisors

ESS Setup

Employee Self Service Accounts are generated for all employees and Supervisors

Monthly Payroll Process

Ensure that payroll is processed on time every month.
Ensure leave and claims are accurately updated.

Statutory Submissions & Compliance

Ensure SHUI Contributions, PIT and Union submissions are duly checked and processed.