Death of Job Ads: Why Employers Are Turning to Recruitment Firms

At first glance, job ads look like the better option. They’re cheaper and easy to use. Why would employers rely on recruitment firms?


Considering the work climate of today with the ongoing pandemic, job ads might not be the best way to go after all.


Here’s why.


  1. There’s A Hiring Boom


Right now, there’s a high demand for skilled workers. Although many people were losing their jobs at the start of the pandemic and the economy was plummeting, this isn’t the case anymore.


As the pandemic situation stabilises and gives rise to a new way of life, many industries are adapting to these changes and are thus thriving. Sectors like cloud computing, tech and even online retail services are expanding rapidly, even the F&B industry (which is most heavily impacted by government measures) is in need of more workers.


In short, more companies need people now and are thus willing to offer attractive incentives to get the manpower they need. This means the number of job ads on job-seeking platforms are on the rise and it’s going to be harder than ever to get your job ad noticed.


Be prepared to pay more to get your job ad noticed.


  1. Companies Are Mass Hiring


Companies adapting to the new working climate of the pandemic are making use of new business opportunities to start new ventures. This means whole new departments of workers with different kinds of skill sets than the company is used to hiring are required.


What’s the best way to find such groups of people? It’s not job ads whereby you need to do the sifting and sorting of who’s got the right qualifications and skills of all the candidates that apply, but recruitment firms who have prior knowledge and experience hiring people of this type of job scope.


Moreover, they possess databases with large quantities of such candidates for the picking and are more suited for equipping whole departments and outfitting new ventures with the appropriate manpower all at once.


Even if you’re a small business looking to branch out, it’s unlikely that you’ll only need one expert in the field, but a team capable of working together and using their complementary skills to take the company to new heights.


In light of the lucrative prospects of these new ventures, employers are much more comfortable with seeking highly qualified candidates whose skills are verified by recruitment firms rather than depend on the chance they’ll come across a capable candidate through a job ad!


  1. Active Recruitment Works Better


Job ads are classified as a passive form of recruitment. You post an ad and wait for candidates to come to you. Recruitment firms don’t often rely on such passive methods of recruitment to make successful hires.


It is often to the disadvantage of the employer to use passive recruitment methods to find highly skilled employees because that’s how the best candidates slip away without you noticing. Relying on job ads means trusting the platform’s candidate demographics includes people with the skill sets you require. You have no control over who these people are or what sort of qualifications they have when they apply.


After they send in their resumes, you have to do the manual work of sifting and sorting. The people who are not qualified for your job are unlikely to be considered for another job within your company—since you’re hiring for a specific role and profiling candidates is the expertise of recruitment firms. This means the time and effort you’re putting in is wasted if there isn’t a potential hire among the candidates that applied for your job ad.


On the other hand, recruiters actively search and profile people who match your job requirements and match you to those with the relevant skill sets long before you ask them to find you a candidate for the job. This means that you’re likely to get the quality hire you’re looking for with the minimum effort.


Yes, recruitment firms cost money but considering the numerous benefits that come with using recruitment firms compared to that of job ads, it’s no surprise that they’re becoming more popular under our current economic conditions.


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