The team at People Profilers is wholly committed to our promise of delivering well suited candidates for every role. In order to do so, we also place very high standards upon our own consultants, all of whom are well trained in their understanding of various industry standards and norms, as well as in the ability to discern and understand our client's needs and perspectives.

With the goal of becoming a prestigious recruitment company in Vietnam, our mantra has always been to profile the right person for the right job. To us, being "right" for the job is an all-encompassing term; not simply someone who is qualified on paper, but someone who's aspirations, work ethic, and personality are well suited to the organisation and the role. At the same time, we place a high emphasis on a quick closure rate without compromising our vision and standards.

Our commitment to both our candidates and clients has ensured that People Profilers has established an ever growing and long term rapport with a wide network. This enables us to provide optimum recommendations sourced from a larger pool of talent. By leveraging on our in-house databases, as well as the use of ads and word of mouth, People Profilers is well positioned to fulfil our commitment to you, and in doing so, bring out the best of your organisation's new talents.

As a professional recruitment company in Vietnam, we also pride ourselves on the comprehensive nature of our services. One aspect of this is being able to tackle a wide range of staffing requirements. We are adept at meeting your needs, ranging from high level executives to middle management to entry level positions, as well as contract staff. Additionally, our consultants cumulatively have deep experience across a myriad of industries, including, but not limited to, FMCG & Retails, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Finance & Banking, Industrial and IT.