5 Things To Do Before Your Job Interview


While People Profilers works hard to lessen the fuss and link you to your dream job, the interview is often a daunting process which you need to face yourself. However, we can provide you with some tips to lessen that burden!


  1. Do your Homework: Research the Company


With the internet at your fingertips, a basic knowledge of the company type and activities are easily obtainable information — the required bare minimum. Going further, a knowledge of the company structure, its position in the industry and even its competitors displays seriousness and initiative.


Develop your own views on the strengths and weaknesses of the company and how you can reinforce or alleviate them respectively. It is a great way to prepare your answer to the classic “Why should we hire you?”.


Additionally, make sure to plan and know your route to the company before the day of the interview. Account for train or bus delays to ensure that you arrive on time. Being late definitely is a minus, but it doesn’t hurt to be early.


  1. Plan your attire


It’s not just about first impressions. Dressing appropriately also helps to reduce distractions for both you and the interviewer.


Maintaining eye contact is important, showing openness and honesty. Ditch that rhinestone waterfall earring for a more understated ear stud. You want your interviewer to be looking at you, not your flashy accessories.


Comb your fringe back and tie your hair up to reduce obstacles between you and who you’re speaking with. Needless to say, hats or sunglasses which hide your face are a definite no-no.


  1. Practice Speaking


It’s one thing to prepare answers to common questions, but delivering your well-crafted “speech” confidently and convincingly is a different story. How can you cut those “um”s and “uh”s and prevent yourself from stumbling over your words?

The best way to practice is with a friend. Take turns to ask and answer questions, and give each other feedback on how you can improve. Alternatively, you can record yourself on your phone and play it back.


When nervous, we tend to rush to answer and speak all too quickly. A good tip is to count one or two seconds in your head before answering. While it may feel like an eternity to you, it is perfectly normal to take time before you answer, and the interviewer understands that well.


If you need more time to think, clarify the question. These practices will allow you to collect your thoughts and slow the interview down to a more comfortable pace.


  1. Practice Sitting


In a stressful environment, people fidget to reduce restlessness and discomfort. Reducing anxiety for an interview is one thing, but your body language is an important indicator of your state-of-mind.


Hair-twirling or fidgeting with your accessories shows a lack of confidence and is also distracting to the interviewer. Train yourself to remain conscious of such behaviour.

Sit comfortably, but don’t sink back into the chair. An upright posture reflects attention, interest and preparedness.


  1. Prepare questions:


Always have questions ready to demonstrate your interest in the position and the company. Asking questions shows keenness, candour, and openness about communicating.


A good guideline is to prepare 3 – 7 questions. Take this chance to ask more about your job as well as the company work culture and goals. Remember that this interview is as much a chance for them to assess you as it is for you to assess them. Is this a work environment that you can see yourself in?


Knowing how to prepare for an interview may not be sufficient if you haven’t got a job offer. If you’re looking for career opportunities, take a look at https://peopleprofilers.applyourjobs.com/.B

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